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Hollywood Pet Training

Imagine taking training classes from a Hollywood icon who has trained every sort of creature from domestic cats and dogs to cockroaches, moths, kangaroos, alpacas, pigeons, ducks and barnyard animals, to tigers. Hollywood Pet Training provides training classes for everyone, and our founder, Steve Solomon, helps bring out the best in our furry clients and their human pals.

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Best in Class

At Hollywood Pet Training, we help our pet clients and their humans to make the most of their friendship, and their abilities. Our founder, Hollywood icon Steve Solomon, is a legend who has trained animal actors for movies, tv, stage shows, commercials, and more.  Our classes are designed and taught personally by this Hollywood legend who has done the seemingly impossible during his career, from training a goldfish “to die” (nope, not kidding!) to training tigers in Las Vegas to teaching his best pal “Mick” to portray “Stan” as the incomparable star of “Dog With A Blog”, Steve has done it all and has been an essential element of the success of productions around the globe.

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6-Week Program: $420

Join us in our training sessions with our expert, Hollywood legend Steve Solomon. You will see the change in your pet, and your skills, from the get-go. Simply put, our training works!

Learn From The Best

Hollywood icon Steve Solomon has decades of experience in making the seemingly impossible “possible.”  His creative, adaptive, open-minded approach to training and behavior make for classes that are customized on-the-spot (wink) to meet clients’ needs, and render the training experience both productive and enjoyable for pets and their people. 


Tailored Training in A Class Setting

Results-based training that is customized on-the-spot for each
pet-human pair...that’s the “focus” of Steve Solomon’s Hollywood Pet Training.

Training Should Be FUN!

At Hollywood Pet Training, our classes make learning FUN! Our philosophy is that you and your pet will excel when you’re having a good time learning together. Levity, humor, and Steve’s unique methods are the perfect recipe for a great learning experience.


Training classes taught by Hollywood icon Steve Solomon--Hollywood’s “go-to-guru” for making miracles happen!


Steve Solomon’s pedigree is unparalleled and his resume is star-studded. From “Lassie” to “Modern Family”, “This Is Us”, “Starsky & Hutch”, “Grace & Frankie”, “Bunk’d”, “Night Court”, “Shining Vale”, “Star Trek”, and hundreds of notable productions. You’ll have bragging rights that you and your pet were trained by the best!


Hollywood Pet Training classes—top-notch training for everyone with seasoned all-species animal trainer Steve Solomon.


Steve’s creative mind and years of experience make for personalized care for each pet-human pair!

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